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Entertainment Room Addition

There are several reasons why one might be encouraged to add an addition to their house. Creating more space to entertain family members and friends is one very popular reason to do so. Entertainment rooms make for a great addition or remodel mainly because so much time is spent in this room. Your imagination can run wild when it comes to deciding on how your entertainment room will be designed and what you will put in it. Whether you add an entertainment room or just remodel one, the results are very rewarding to a home.

If you decide to add an entertainment room addition, you will be able to define exactly where and how you want it to turn out. Generally, entertainment room additions are added to the back of a home, in a place where the structure of the front of the home is not compromised. However, another consideration is to build the addition on the second floor of your house. This is becoming a popular place for entertainment rooms because families enjoy having two separate living areas, one for entertainment and one for conversations.

Aside from adding an addition, remodeling a room and transforming it into an entertainment room is also a great consideration. Homeowners are realizing that the traditional living area in most homes (built in the past 15 years) commonly includes a fireplace at the center of it. Having a fireplace in the middle of the room offsets the TV and furniture. By remodeling a second room and turning it into the “entertainment” room, you can enhance the TV viewing experience and also keep the natural flow of the original living room in tact.

Home theaters are one of the many entertainment room possibilities. Some people are under the assumption that a home theater is a convenience that only wealthy people get to enjoy. The truth is that home theaters can be created even by those with a limited budget. In fact, it is very simple to create a home theater. If you have a large spare bedroom available it will work perfectly for this purpose. Generally, creating a home theater requires you to do some, if not all, of the following changes:

  • Remove the drywall and wire the room for surround sound. Perhaps it is more budget friendly to just wire externally and hide cords along the corners of the floor or ceiling.
  • Soundproof the room. This will enhance the audio environment and also hold the sound within that room and that room only. Soundproofing is very important for a home theater.
  • Consider purchasing a prefabricated entertainment center, or having one custom built for your room. Obviously, having one custom built is going to cost a few more pennies.
  • Consider stadium seating for a more enhanced video/audio experience. Do so by building a 9-12” platform at the back of the room.

In addition to home theaters, homeowners can decide to create a game room, wet bar and/or home gym. It is quite common for people to put all of these rooms into one and it usually becomes ones basement. However, it is also common to add an addition on to your house to accommodate to the extra space needed to create a game room, bar area and work-out room.

Games rooms can include many fun things such as dartboards, pool tables, ping pong tables, pinball machines and video game accessibility. Pool tables require a certain amount of space so be sure that the addition you build can accommodate to one if you plan on including it in your room. Ping pong tables, on the other hand, can usually be folded up and pushed up against a wall.

Wet bars go great with game rooms. They do a wonderful job of complimenting a game room by providing a place to store food and drinks while family and friends enjoy the excitement of the room. A wet bar offers a place to entertain and initiate conversation, as well as house a mini fridge, a pantry, a kegerator, and a liqueur cabinet. Keep in mine, due to the fact that basements have an abundance of space, wet bars work well in them.

Home gyms are another popular home addition and/or remodel. Everyone would like to enjoy a personal gym right in the comfort of their own home. Of course it’s up to you how much you use it, but home gyms can serve to be very convenient for most people. It isn’t very expensive to create a home gym either. Most of the cost involved with a home gym is related to the equipment that you want to use. However, you may wish to add some built in mirrors, a television and music system and a rack to hold your weights. Bottom line, a home gym remodel is a perfect entertainment room addition or remodel because it is economical and offers high-reward.

Lastly, the bathroom addition is another popular addition that is in high demand these days. Many homeowners enjoy including the bathroom additions with the entertainment room addition. A half bath works wonderfully in combination with an entertainment room because it allows guests to use this bathroom instead of wandering all around your house trying to find one. Half-baths do not take up much space, are efficient and can be an excellent compliment to any room.

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